Wick-to-Flame Candles by Luminara

We are so excited at Luminara® to launch our new Wick-to-Flame® Candles. These new candles are an upgrade to our classic Luminara candles that you know and love.

Unique, Exclusive Features

Bold & Modern

Wick-to-Flame candles come in two sizes: 3.8” x 7.2” and 3.8” x 8.6”. They are a larger than our classic pillars. Pearl Ivory in color with a smooth wax finish they are sure to fit in with your current collection of Luminara candles. Along with the modern recessed top and new upgraded technology these candles are a hit.

True Candle Appearance

Our Wick-to-Flame Candles are the closest you can get to a real candle without the worry of a fire. When off they look just like a real candle with a black wick. Once turned on with switch on the bottom of the candle the black wick descends, and the Luminara flame comes up and starts to flicker. The beautiful realistic moving flame and glow Luminara is known for!

Blow it Out

When you are ready for your candle to turn off, just blow it out like you would a real candle.


When in timer mode the candle will be on for 5 hours and off or 19 and will come back on the same time the next day. Using the timer feature is a great way to be greeted by candlelight each day and little luxury everyone deserves.


Wick to Flame candles are the latest and greatest when it comes to flameless candle technology - and only offered by Luminara.

Luminara Support

If you have any questions about Luminara candles, first consult our FAQs. Alternatively, reach out to us any time by emailing the team: customerservice@luminara.com.