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We want your Luminara experience to be a bright one. Have a question about your candle? Looking for more information on battery life or the remote? Start here for answers to frequently asked questions.

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The wick on my Luminara candle is not flickering, what do I do?

We’re sorry to hear that. If you are not able to exchange the candle at the retailer where it was purchased, please email our customer service team at

The battery cover won’t stay shut, what do I do?

Remove the white plastic battery cover, and flip it over. On the backside of the battery cover there is a + and a – sign indicating which direction you should insert your batteries; please make sure your batteries are inserted properly, while also ensuring that the batteries are the correct size. Replace the cover so that the notch inserts and clicks into the slot. If you are still having issues, please email our customer service team at, and be sure to include a photo of the bottom of your candle in the message.

Can I remove plastic sleeve around my candle?

Yes. The plastic is only on the candle to protect it during the shipping process.

The light is blinking on my candle, what does this mean?

This indicates that your batteries are low and it is time to change them.


How do I use the remote control?

First, remove the insert that prevents battery contact during the shipping process. Then, watch the video called “Using Your Remote” to learn how to operate your remote control with your candle(s). Keep in mind, the remote works best from a distance of 15 feet or less from your candle.

Can I use one remote control for multiple Luminara candles?

Remotes are specific to the candles they came with. However, a single remote will often work with other Luminara candles. The earlier versions of Luminara candles are an exception and may not be remote compatible.


How to set up timer?

How long does the timer stay on?

Once you switch on the timer function, the candle will stay on for 5 hours and then remain off for 19 hours. This 24 hour cycle will repeat continuously until you switch the timer function off.

How do I operate the timer on my outdoor pillar(s)?

You can set the timer by pushing the button on the bottom of the candle twice. Pushing the button once will set the candle to the on position.


Where can I buy Luminara products?

If you did not find what you were looking on our site, you can try shopping at a retalier that carries our products. Click here to find the retailers nearest you.

How do I purchase Luminara products for resale (wholesale requests)?

Click here to see a list of our Worldwide Distributers to contact about buying Luminara products for resale.


My Luminara candles are quite fragrant – are there unscented Luminara candles?

Yes, there are unscented Luminara candles available, click here to see our unscented candles. Also note that the scent of your candle will dissipate over time.


Do Luminara candles come with a warranty? What are the details?

Yes – your Luminara product comes with a 90-day warranty from the time of purchase. You should be able to have your candle replaced where it was purchased. If you cannot get a resolution, please email our customer service team at