Benefits of Flameless Candles

More and more people are turning to flameless candles as an alternative to traditional fire candles. Using candles creates an amazing ambiance, whether you’re looking to introduce a romantic glow to the bedroom, relax in the bathroom, or celebrate a special occasion. Unfortunately, traditional candles are not always a safe solution, particularly if you have kids and pets around. With flameless candles, you benefit from the same subtle light without any combustion or potential for danger. LED bulbs inside smokeless candles replicate the flickering of a flame with no heat and no fire risk.

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Why Buy a Flameless Candle?

You can use flameless candles in almost any scenario where you would use a normal candle. Crucially, you can also use smokeless candles in many situations where using a regular candle would be problematic. From the bathroom and the living room to the bedroom and the dining room table, flameless candles can help you to relax or pamper yourself with no heat, no risk of fire, and no messy wax dripping all over your furniture. With long-lasting LED bulbs and hundreds of hours of runtime on a set of batteries – flameless candles give you much more mileage than the real thing. Whether you opt to use a timer or a remote control there are three core benefits to going smokeless:


The primary safety-related benefit of these innovative alternatives to candles is the elimination of combustion from the equation. With no flame, there is no chance of the fire-related accidents commonly associated with unattended candles. Additionally, you won’t find any hot wax or spent matches damaging the surfaces of your tables and countertops. Switch to flameless candles and kiss goodbye to burnt wicks, melting wax, and damaging smoke while retaining all the advantages of a regular candle. Many wax candles contain scents, coloring, and other ingredients that could contribute to potentially dangerous fumes. As an added bonus, children and pets will never accidentally burn themselves or accidentally cause chaos when there is no flame present.

luminara flameless candles safe for kids and pets


Flameless candles are blissfully maintenance-free. You won’t need to worry about trimming the wick because there is no wick. The reusable nature of flameless candles means all you need to do is replace the battery or give it a burst of charge and you’re immediately back in business. You can expect a battery-operated candle to last much longer than a wax candle, too. For a seamless experience without the fussing around normally required with wax candles, go smokeless.


Wax candles can be extremely expensive. Even worse, once the candle wax has melted, you’ll have nothing left of your investment. Often, even the candle container is covered in tough wax and rendered useless. Flameless candles, by contrast, are priced similarly to wax candles but allow you to illuminate them continuously. Running on batteries or harnessing a rechargeable system, smokeless candles are one of the most cost-effective ways to enhance the ambiance in your home.

Luminara’s Flameless Candles

At Luminara, we have a class-leading selection of candles that use battery power in place of burning wicks and flames. Explore our entire collection of flameless candles and choose from scented or unscented candles, tealights, pillars, tapers, and votives. We also offer a series of limited release and specialty candles and specialty collections. Reach out to Luminara online today.