What Are Electric Candles?

Electric candles allow you to replicate the flickering flames of wax candles, with no smoke, wick-maintenance, or dripping wax. 

Running on batteries and using LEDs to create mood lighting without introducing a fire hazard, electric candles work well in the home and garden.

Are Electric Candles Different from Flameless Candles?

No, electric candles are the same as flameless candles. 

Also known as smokeless candles, electric candles can enhance the mood throughout your house with none of the costs or dangers associated with regular wax candles. 

If you want to use electric candles outside, look for waterproof plastic candles rated for outdoor use. Indoor electric candles are made of paraffin wax, and this will melt if exposed to direct sunlight. If you use indoor flameless taper candles outside, you also run the risk of water penetrating the battery compartment. 

Why should you consider investing in electric candles, then?

electric candles

Benefits of Electric Candles

Electric candles offer a shower of benefits, and you can use them almost anywhere you could use traditional wax candles. Beyond that, electric candles work well in many scenarios where using candles with flames would be problematic and potentially dangerous. 

Whether you want to enjoy muted lighting in the bedroom or bathroom, or to enhance the ambiance at your next dinner party, electric candles eliminate heat, fire, and dripping wax from the equation. 

Three of the primary benefits of electric candles are as follows: 

  1. Cost
  2. Safety
  3. Zero-maintenance

1) Cost

If you plan to scatter traditional wax candles throughout the house and outside on the deck, this can become expensive. Also, regular candles are only single-use. 

You will find that electric candles are typically priced the same as regular wax candles. The key difference is the long-life batteries that reduce running costs significantly while still allowing you to create a range of safe and effective mood lighting.

2) Safety

Electric candles do not have flames, so you remove all the risks that accompany unattended wax candles. You can use electric candles in the bedroom to help you relax and sleep without worrying about a fire breaking out overnight. 

With an electric candle, you’ll never need to locate matches or a lighter, and you’ll never find wax on your furniture or linen.

3) Maintenance

If you opt for electric candles, whether inside your home or outdoors, you get a maintenance-free experience. There is no need to trim a wick as with regular wax candles. 

To keep your electric candles running year-round, all you need to do is replace or recharge the batteries and you’re good to go. 

As an added bonus, electric candles run for much longer than candles with flames, so where can you buy them?

Where to Buy Electric Candles

Here at Luminara, we offer the best flameless candles available. 

Our collection of electric candles includes pillars, tapers, tealights, and votives. Indoor candles are made of paraffin wax with a variety of finishes. 

These plastic candles. like our color-changing candle, are IPX4 rated splash-proof and weather-resistant so you can place them on your deck, patio, or anywhere else outside. 

Additionally, we regularly offer limited release electric candles. 

Buy electric candles for indoor or outdoor use by connecting with Luminara online.