How to Display Flameless Candles

Whether you want to decorate your home for the festive season or you want mood lighting year-round, flameless candles offer the perfect solution. 

LED candles closely replicate the flickering of a traditional wax candle, but without any smoke or combustion. Not only are flameless candles safe and cost-effective, but they can also transform your abode into a more relaxing space. 

Today’s brief guide gives you some ideas for indoor and outdoor decoration with flameless candles.

birch display

Indoor Flameless Candle Decoration Ideas

You can use flameless candles in all rooms of your house to create muted and atmospheric lighting with none of the dangers associated with traditional candles.

  • Living room
  • Dining room
  • Bathroom
  • Bedroom

Living Room

Here are some suggestions for displaying flameless candles in the living room:

  • Fireplace or mantel: Add some shine to your mantel and illuminate your knickknacks or festive greenery. You could even group some flameless taper candles on a non-functional fireplace.
  • Side tables: Scatter some LED candles all around the room on side tables.
  • Coffee table: Create the perfect mood for a relaxed evening or for cocktail hour by placing some smokeless candles on the coffee table.
  • Bookshelves: While books and candles do not usually pair well, flameless candles give you subtle illumination without any risk of fire.
  • Under the tree: If you are already limbering up for the holiday season, place some smokeless candles under the tree. 

Dining room

The most obvious placement for flameless candles in the dining room is a centerpiece on the dining table. Use some flowers, branches, or wreaths to add a festive touch. 

You may also find space in your dining room for some flameless pillar candles in the windows or on the sideboards. 

Wherever you place flameless candles in the dining room, you won’t burn yourself when passing food across the table. 


It can be challenging to achieve gentle lighting in your bathroom, but not if you use flameless candles.

Place some LED candles on the back edge of the sink or on top of the toilet tank. 

Alternatively, group some flameless taper candles around the tub and soak away the stress of the day. 


Your bedroom should be as free of clutter as possible. Instead, make room for some flameless candles on the dresser and nightstands, setting a calm and relaxing mood to help you unwind after a hard day. 

With no fire hazard to worry about, dot some flameless candles all around your bedroom to enjoy a soft glow with no concerns about smoke or fire damage. 

Outdoor Décor Ideas

Not all flameless candles are suitable for use outdoors. If you want to place LED candles outside, you need to look for ones made of weatherproofed plastic. Use flameless candles made of wax and they could melt in the sun or sustain water damage.

Both the deck and the patio make ideal locations for flameless candles. If you spent lots of time eating al fresco, add some romance and ambiance with a scattering of LED candles with none of the drawbacks of wax candles. 

Tuck some flameless candles into flower pots or lanterns on the porch to welcome guests. Just make sure to use candles rated for outdoor use.

If you have any outdoor stairs, flameless candles are a cost-effective and attractive method of lighting the way.

Where to Buy a Flameless Candle

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