Flameless Candle Centerpieces

Whether you want a centerpiece arrangement for your dining table at home or a wedding centerpiece, flameless candles allow you to enjoy the benefits of traditional wax candles without the associated drawbacks.

dining table centerpiece

Can Flameless Candle Centerpieces Work in Place of Normal Candles?

One of the key attractions of flameless candle centerpieces is their versatility. You can use them in any situation where you would otherwise use a regular candle. Even better, you can also use them for many applications where traditional wax candles would be inappropriate or possibly even dangerous. 

Imagine creating a candlelit tablespace using LED flameless candles inside your glassware or barware. Now imagine the mess if you tried putting regular candles inside your favorite heirloom glasses. 

If you’re eating al fresco, flameless candles rated for outdoor use can enhance the ambiance with no flame, no smoke, and no dripping wax. Go smokeless and get mood lighting when dining outdoors or use some seasonal candles to create a harvest or Halloween table centerpiece, such as our burnt orange flameless candles. 

Floating flameless candles can also work well in centerpieces, with fire suspended on water making a striking visual statement. 

Flameless taper candles add a clean look to a wedding centerpiece with no safety concerns. Group the tapers or display them independently for an elegant addiction to the table. Pillar candles can also be effectively deployed in centerpieces. Throw in some flameless votives and tealight candles for a varied flameless centerpiece. 

Why Go Flameless for Centerpieces?

Whether you want candles for a dining table or wedding table centerpiece, going flameless is a risk-free and cost-effective approach to mood lighting. 

Safety is the primary benefit of going flameless. With no open flames and no heat, guests can pass food or drink across a dining table without burning themselves. Flameless candles are ideal in households with pets and children. 

If you use flameless candles for a centerpiece or elsewhere in the home, they are very low-maintenance. Battery-powered, these candles are easy to use and often remote-controlled. You won’t need to worry about trimming candle wicks, and you won’t end up with messy wax dripping over your dining table or glassware either. 

Unlike single-use wax candles, flameless candles can be used time and again, limited only by battery life and the lengthy lifespan of the onboard LED lights. 

Additionally, you will avoid the potentially harmful toxins released when traditional wax candles containing oils or chemicals are burned. 

If you decide to go flameless, you’ll find that the best options at your disposal will feature a flame-effect technology that gives you a close approximation of a real flame with no smoke or fire.

Luminara’s Centerpiece Options

Here at Luminara, we are pioneers in the flameless candle industry. Our LED candles come with patented moving flame technology, closely replicating the flicker of real candles. 

Explore these Luminara centerpiece options for inspiration. 

Add some fragrance diffusing pods to introduce an extra edge to your flameless mood lighting. 

Check out our limited release candles for some seasonal offerings and specialty products. 

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