Electric Window Candles

As fall approaches, it will soon be time to start decorating your house for the holiday season. 

Why not complement your Christmas tree, wreath, and decorative lighting with some electric window candles this year? 

The practice of placing candles in a window originated in Ireland in the eighteenth century. Catholics used window candles to make traveling priests aware that the home was safe and friendly. Today, window candles are a great way to improve the ambiance in your home over the holiday season without introducing a fire risk.

What Are Electric Window Candles?

Contemporary electric window candles give you the same muted mood lighting as traditional wax candles. The key difference is that electric candles have no flames or wicks. Instead, these flameless candles are battery-powered and use LED lights to replicate a real flame without any smoke or fire. 

Most people looking to use window treatments typically prefer classic tapers, although you could also use some pillar, flameless votives, or tealight candles. 

Why should you consider using electric window candles rather than regular wax candles, then?

white 6" tapers

Benefits of Buying Electric Window Candles

Using candles indoors is a time-honored way of improving the atmosphere, but wax candles have several drawbacks: 

  • The cost of using traditional wax candles becomes expensive over time.
  • There is always a risk of a fire starting if you leave wax candles unattended.
  • Kids and pets can easily burn themselves on the flame of a candle.
  • Dripping wax can damage furniture.
  • Maintaining the wicks of wax candles can be tiresome. 

Instead, considering the following benefits of electric window candles: 

  1. Mess-free
  2. Easy-to-use
  3. Safety


Do you want mood lighting without the hassle of trimming candle wicks and continuously buying replacement wax candles? If so, a one-time investment in some electric candles will deliver all of the benefits of the real thing without the tedious maintenance. 

Electric window candles are reusable, giving you superior value alongside hassle-free upkeep. You can expect hundreds of hours of use from an electric window candle, enough to see you through the holiday season safely and without any fuss.


Not only are flameless window candles easy to maintain, but they are also straightforward to use. 

An electric window candle runs on batteries, often rechargeable for added convenience and reduced running costs. An integrated magnet inside these candles is moved around to produce a realistic and randomly flickering flame that looks similar to the real thing. LED lights are used to enhance the faux-flame. 

To use an electric window candle, just switch it on and you have mood lighting on-demand.

Many of these candles come equipped with remote controls and timer functions, allowing you to create the perfect holiday atmosphere even if you are not the biggest tech-lover.


Safety is perhaps the primary benefit of using electric candles in place of wax candles for a window display. With no flame, no smoke, and no dripping wax, you will avoid the safety issues typically associated with candles. This is doubly important if you are placing candles near blinds or drapes.

Where to Buy Electric Window Candles?

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