Can Flameless Candles Be Used Outside?

Mood lighting can enhance pool parties, BBQs, and backyard gatherings, but traditional candles are not always the best option outdoors. 

Flameless candles, on the other hand, give you the luminous, flickering glow of candles without safety concerns. 

Not all flameless candles are recommended for outdoor use, though. Some smokeless candles – those from our Harvest collection, for instance – are made of wax. It is inadvisable to use any wax candles outside, whether traditional or flameless. When the wax is exposed to direct sunlight, it softens and warps. At high temperatures, wax candles will melt. Reserve all types of wax candles for indoor use. 

The solution? Outdoor flameless candles made of plastic. You can use plastic smokeless candles outdoors whatever the weather conditions. 

All of our flameless candle pillars intended for outdoor use are water-resistant, ideally fully waterproof. This is essential to ensure that the battery stays dry and the candle functions optimally.

outdoor flameless candles

Why Buy a Flameless Candle for Outdoors?

Flameless outdoor candles work well on the patio or deck, and they are also highly effective in a lantern style. 

For a realistic flickering flame just like a traditional candle but with no flame, no wax, no flame, and no melting, flameless outdoor candles deliver three core benefits: 

  • Convenience
  • Price
  • Decoration 


Outdoor flameless candles are battery-operated, so you won’t need to deal with wet matches, lost lighters, or irritating and potentially dangerous smoke and flames.

LED lighting not only provides a glow just like a real candle but also reduces the frequency of battery charging. 

When you invest in outdoor smokeless candles made of plastic, they will be capable of withstanding a downpour without the battery compartment being compromised. Plastic candles won’t melt when exposed to the sunlight either.

Extras like a remote control and a timer function allow you to create customized and convenient mood lighting for your outside space with none of the safety concerns of traditional candles.


Wax candles might not seem especially expensive, but the cost mounts over time. 

With flameless candles, you’ll pay roughly the same but with the ability to continuously illuminate your candles instead of throwing them away after a single use.


Luminara flameless candles produce highly decorative representations of a real flame without any smoke or fire. Instead, the batteries inside the candle power a coil. This generates a magnetic field, then, another magnet interacts with this magnetic field and produces a random movement just like a real flame.

Additionally, you can use a variety of different styles of outdoor flameless candles to create safe and weatherproof ambient lighting year-round.

Where to Buy Outdoor Flameless Candles

Here at Luminara, we offer a wide selection of flameless taper candles rated for outdoor use. 

Check out a variety of lanterns, wall sconces, tealight candle and pillars right here. Made from plastic, the heat won’t melt these smokeless candles and the wind won’t extinguish them.

Luminara's Fall Harvest Collection

Now you have some mood lighting options for your outside space, how about improving the ambiance inside your house this fall? 

Browse our Harvest Collection for a seasonal selection of pillars and tapers made from paraffin wax. All candles in this limited edition collection are ideal for indoor use.