Best Electric Candles for the Holidays

Even if you prefer the flame and the aesthetics of traditional wax candles, there are many situations in which flames or melted wax can become a safety issue. The holiday season is one such occasion. 

Today’s brief guide gives you some inspiration to decorate your home for the holidays attractively without introducing a safety risk. 

holiday mantle

Why Use Flameless Candles for the Holidays?

With kids and animals in the house, and flammable decorations throughout the house during the holidays, electric candles offer a safe alternative to the real thing. 

Also known as flameless candles or smokeless candles, electric candles are battery-powered. Many of these candles use LED lights and flickering technology to create replica flames that are kid-friendly and pet-friendly. 

Priced similarly to traditional wax candles, electric candles are much more cost-effective. You’ll get hundreds of hours of runtime from electric candles. Once the fun is over for another year and the decorations are taken down, you’ll still have your electric candles to use all year round rather than disposing of spent wax candles. 

As an added bonus, most electric candles come with timers and remote controls, allowing you to enjoy muted seasonal lighting on demand. 

While electric candles are great at any time of the year, they are even more useful over the holiday season, especially on the following occasions: 

  • Halloween
  • Thanksgiving
  • Christmas 


Why not invest in some limited edition Halloween candles from Luminara to illuminate pumpkins and decorate the house for your Halloween party this year and every year? 

Black wax drip pillars and oversized electric candle skulls make a safe and spooky addition to the table.

Halloween might be gone for another year as we ease fully into the holiday season, but you can use your electric candles year after year, so get in early!


One of the most effective ways to use electric candles at Thanksgiving is to include them as part of a fall centerpiece. 

Pepper some tall pillars through your fall greenery. Display your flameless candles on some candle pillars to add some height to the centerpiece.

You could also scatter some votives to add a warm glow and enhance the Thanksgiving ambiance.

Use traditional white or ivory candles or opt for seasonal color variations depending on what you are trying to achieve with your seasonal centerpiece. 


Christmas is a holiday loaded with traditions like decorating a tree inside the house and adding lots of lights to almost every surface of the home. While this is a fun-filled time of year, using traditional candles as part of your Christmas-themed decoration can be dangerous and potentially deadly. 

NFPA (National Fire Protection Association) reports that 160 home fires started because of Christmas trees from 2015 to 2019. These fires caused 12 injuries, 2 deaths, and $10 million in property damage. In almost one-fifth of these incidents, the fire started due to a heat source like a wax candle positioned too close to the tree. 

Swap out your wax candles for electric candles this Christmas and have fun without an undercurrent of danger. Here are some electric candles for Christmas.

Shop Luminara Candles Today

Here at Luminara, we specialize in electric candles that harness battery power and LED lights to generate close facsimiles of a real flame with no heat or wax. 

We have a substantial permanent collection of electric candles that use Luminara’s patented technology to produce realistic flickering flames. Choose from scented or unscented candles to suit your mood. 

As well as a variety of limited release electric candles – many of these are ideal for the holiday season – we also offer a wide range of votives, tapers, pillars, and tealights. 

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