Benefits of Using Outdoor Flameless Candles to Light Up Your Summer

The romantic flicker of candlelight is enjoyable at any time of the year, and the summer season is no exception. As the warmer and longer days of summer quickly approach, make the most of your outdoor gatherings by decorating with outdoor candles to create a charming and alluring atmosphere.  

Our 2024 outdoor candles are the perfect addition to your summer decor. Available in five stunning colors—baked clay, loden green, timeless taupe, cherry red, and vivid ultramarine—these candles are designed to complement any outdoor setting. Whether you're hosting a backyard barbecue, a poolside party, or a serene evening under the stars, these outdoor candles will enhance the ambiance with their realistic flicker and vibrant hues. 


The baked clay and loden green options bring a touch of natural elegance, seamlessly blending with garden landscapes and patio furniture. Timeless taupe offers a classic and versatile look that suits any style, while cherry red and vivid ultramarine add a bold pop of color, perfect for festive occasions. 

Here are a few ways decorating with flameless outdoor candles has both aesthetic and practical benefits: 

Enhance Your Summer Gatherings with an Inviting and Cozy Aura  

Candlelight is a great way to enhance the décor and ambiance of outdoor celebrations, such as summer weddings, barbeques, or garden parties. A candlelit altar, tablescape, or pathway can help create a relaxing and romantic atmosphere. For added style and flair, you can also incorporate the use of lanterns or other candle containers such as glass jars and metal or wood candle holders into your décor. Other creative options include placing your large outdoor candles within hurricane lanterns, glass cylinder domes, or rattan lanterns.  

Colored outdoor candles are also a great choice for al fresco entertaining, offering an understated yet elegant lighting accent to better fit your theme. They can be used to add height and interest to floral arrangements and other tablescape décor. And by mixing and matching the shapes and sizes of your outdoor candles, including an assortment of pillar and votive candles, you can add depth and warmth to your special events and get-togethers.  

Illuminate Dark Areas or Steps Safely for Guests 

During summer backyard cookouts or pool parties, dark patio steps or deck railings may be harder for guests to notice when celebrating late into the evening hours. By lining outdoor candles along hard-to-see areas, not only will they safely help avoid potential slips and falls of guests, but also using flameless outdoor candles will remove any fire hazard concerns posed by burning traditional wax candles. Additionally, using flameless outdoor candles will ensure curious small children and pets will be free from burn risks created by open flame and hot wax should they come in contact with the flameless outdoor candles. 

Make Styling and Cleaning Convenient and Worry-Free 

Perhaps the best reasons to decorate your summer celebrations using flameless outdoor candles is their convenient operation and premier safety features. Regardless of your own personal design aesthetic, styling with flameless outdoor candles eliminates the need to worry about leaving a burning candle unattended or burning near anything that may potentially catch fire. Because flameless outdoor candles are made using durable plastic materials, they are also extremely easy to clean and maintain—simply take a damp cloth and wipe away any debris or water marks that come in contact with your flameless outdoor candles. Using battery operated outdoor candles also eliminates the need for a plug-in power source to use your candles throughout your outdoor spaces. They can also be conveniently operated with a remote control, meaning your flameless outdoor candles can also be staged in hard-to-reach places or set to a timer for added accessibility. 

Elevate your outdoor gatherings this summer with Luminara's collection of outdoor candles. Transform any space into a magical retreat where memories are made, and the beauty of summer nights is celebrated.