An Introduction to Luminara Flameless Candles

Introduced in the early 2000s, the first flameless candles featured a single light encased in plastic. Flameless candles were created in response to U.S. regulations that made the importation of wax candles financially challenging. Consumers soon started to appreciate the safety, ease of use, and versatility of these innovative mood lighting solutions. Today, adoption of flameless candles is commonplace. Let’s dive in a little more on how Luminara Flameless Candles actually work.

How Do Luminara Flameless Candles Work?

Most Luminara real flame-effect candles are battery-powered. The batteries are connected to an integrated circuit board within the candle. The board circuitry moves an attached magnet to the bottom of the flame, producing the realistic and random flicker technology that makes flameless candles look just like the real thing. The warm glow is achieved without combustion thanks to an LED light that focuses on the smokeless candle’s realistic flame. Battery life will vary, depending on the type of battery powering the candle, but can extend to around 1,000 hours, giving you a candle that is safe to use in situations where conventional candles are not. Pet and child-friendly, you can use flameless candles indoors, and some are even outdoor rated, with no fire risk.

How Do You Use a Luminara Flameless Candle?


Using a flameless candle is straightforward. All you need to do with your Luminara candle is to slide the power switch to the On position and you’ll have mood lighting without the danger and hazard of a real flame or smoke. You can even enjoy hands-free functionality with Luminara flameless candles by setting a timer or using a remote control.

luminara candle on-off-timer switch

Setting a Timer

Using the timer function on the remote is also super simple. Slide the power switch on the remote to the Timer setting. Your Luminara candle will then remain on for five hours. 19 hours later, the timer cycle will repeat. This cycling will continue until you switch the timer off. Alternatively, some Luminara candles require you to set the timer by pushing the button located on the bottom of the candle twice. If you push the button once, it will set the candle to On.

Remote Control

Most Luminara candles can be controlled with a candle-specific remote control. A single remote can be used to operate other Luminara candles as well. Some darker candles and earlier versions of these flameless candles might not be remote-compatible. You must first remove the protective insert covering the battery contact. Watch this video to discover how to get the most out of your Luminara remote. For best results, stand no more than 15 feet from the candle when using the remote control.

luminara remote control

Fill the Room with Aroma

Luminara offers flameless candles come in unscented and scented versions; they also offer fragrance candles that support scent pods.


The scented candles are made from pure paraffin wax that are hand-poured and then shaped to give the appearance that they are melting. The scents are infused into the paraffin wax using natural ingredients. You can expect the scent in a scent infused flameless candle to dissipate over time.


You can fill your home with seasonal scents with the Luminara Fragrance collection.  These candles hold a fragrance diffusing pod that gently wafts scents created from essential oils and create a unique aromatherapeutic atmosphere.

How to Buy a Flameless Candle

You can find our newest products and everyday classics right here on our site. The best place to start is with the everyday essentials, our classic colors will look great no matter the season.

Luminara Support

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