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Set of 3 Fragrance Diffusing Pods - Refills for Luminara Fragrance Candle

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Celebrate the changing seasons with fragrance pods for your Luminara Fragrance Diffusing Candle. Our selection of fragrance diffusing pods includes white tea for spring, Honeycrisp apple for summer, heirloom pumpkin for fall and white pine and balsam for winter. Choose your favorite scent, then fill your house with a fresh, flowery or comforting fragrance.

Product Features

  • Pack Quantity: Set of 3
  • Form: Fragrance Diffusing Pods
  • Use: Use Only With Luminara Fragrance Diffusing Candle
  • Pods are sourced through an established fragrance house who creates a proprietary fine fragrance blend for us.


Flame-Effect Technology

Candlelight Color LED

Won't Blow Out

Keep Your Home & Family Safe

Hand-poured Meets High Tech

EXTERIOR SHELL Hand-Poured Wax The exterior shells of our candles are made through the traditional, hand-poured wax method of candle making. The technology inside of the candle brings the realistic effect of a moving flame.
MOVEMENT Magnetic Field When you turn on your Luminara candle, the batteries send power to a coil inside that generates a magnetic field. A second magnet interacts with the magnetic field to produce random movement for the flame piece.
COLOR Candlelight LED Our LED light shoots diagonally to the center of the flame piece creating an effect that convincingly reproduces the look of a traditional burning candle.