Why Luminara

Luminara Candle Benefit 5 Hour Timer
Smart Timer Function Luminara candles have a timer function built in. When enabled, the candle will stay on for 5 hours and then remain off for 19 hours. This 24-hour cycle will repeat continuously until you switch the timer function off.
Luminara Candle Benefit Remote Control
Control Remote Function Luminara candles are developed to work with a remote control. A single remote will often work with other Luminara candles, bringing convenience to your home.
Luminara Candle Benefit Battery Driver
Powerful Battery Driver The battery driver in your Luminara candle determines how often you’ll need to change batteries. Each candle’s runtime is based on the size of the battery. The smaller the battery, the faster you’ll need to replace it.
Luminara Candle Benefit Water Resistant
Durable IPX4 Rating (Weatherproof) Our outdoor candles are made from high-quality plastic with an IPX4 rating. Our IPX4 rating means that our outdoor candles are weather resistant and protected from splashing water.